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Stay safe

The school places an extremely high priority on the safety of children and has numerous policies in place to assist pupils and staff in dealing with any matter regarding safeguarding or bullying issues.

The school has a buzzer entry door and gate, and the children are encouraged to use only permitted exits during the day, ensuring the building is kept secure.

We have taken steps to ensure the safety of our information technology is secure, and that pupils can browse the internet in total confidence.  Visits from the emergency services (stranger danger), visits to crucial crew, assemblies and in-class learning forums echo the message of privacy, confidentiality and taking the right steps towards our own safety and that of others. Children in all year groups take part in the road safety programme, and our Year 1 pupils have the opportunity to participate in "Kerbcraft", which develops their road safety and awareness skills over a period of eight weeks.

Avenues of communication to inform parents of any safeguarding issues are always open and are fully exhausted if contact needs to be made.

All staff at the school are approachable and able to deal with any problems or concern the children have.

E-SAFETY - for more information please take a look at the following site.

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

Be Safe!

Be Sure!

Be Savvy!