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We have listed below some of the fequently asked questions that our office satff (right) answer duing a typical term, we hope that they include any questions that you may have, if not Mrs Lee will always do her best to find out answers for you.

Many of your queries can also be solved by consulting our prospectus.

How much is a school dinner?
The current cost of a school lunch is £1.90. Vegetarian options are available where required. For ease of administration and time, we would ask that the full amount of money for the week be sent into school on the Monday morning, preferably in a suitable purse or sealed envelope, with the child’s name and class clearly marked on it.

Can I park on the School premises?
There is no parking on the school premises.  There are only a limited amount of parking spaces on the property and these are for members of Staff and visitors to the school.  Please do not park when dropping off your child.

What time should my child arrive at school?
Children are expected to arrive by 8.50am and no later than 9.00am to allow pupil interaction before learning. When returning from home lunch, they must arrive back between 12.00pm and 12.55pm
Please note, that if dropping off at the drop off point, your child will not be allowed into the school before 8.45am, so please do not drop your child off too early.

What should I do if my child is being picked up by someone else?
Please send a note to the Teacher letting them know who your child will be going home with.  If it is going to be a regular event, then we will put a note into the child's folder for future reference.  In an emergency, and you do not think you are going to get to the school on time and someone else if picking up, then please ring the school to let them know.  We will never let your child go with someone they do not know, or someone we have not been given permission to let them go with.  Please look at our Safeguarding Policy.

What should I do if my child has a problem concerning his or her schooling?
In the first instance please contact your child’s class teacher if there is a problem, he/she will know your child best. The Headteacher is also normally available to discuss matters of concern. Please do not allow problems concerning your child’s educational welfare to get out of hand.

What should I do if my child is ill or cannot attend school?
When illness or some other major problem will prevent school attendance. Where this does happen we would ask that you contact the school by phone informing us of the absence and then confirm this in writing on your child’s return to school. The school operates a first day absence procedure which involves a phone call to any parents of a child who may not be accounted for. Failure to send in written confirmation of absence will result in the absence being entered as unauthorised.

What should I do if my child has a medical appointment?
Should your child be required to leave school to keep an appointment during normal school hours, we ask that you make arrangements for him/her to be collected from school and that prior notification (a letter) of such an appointment has been made with the class teacher or at the school office. Also should such an appointment delay your child’s arrival at school in the morning, please could you inform us in advance, especially if a school lunch is required.

What should I do if my child needs medicine at school?
It is the policy of the school not to administer medicines. We request that where antibiotics and the like have to be administered that you make arrangements to come up to the school at the appropriate time to give the necessary dosage to your child.

How do I become involved with the parents' association (ABC) ?
The Arthur Bugler Carers (ABC) is open to all parents of children at the school. There is no membership fee. For details on meetings and becoming a member please visit the ABC section of the website or contact Mrs. Faye Dixie or Mrs Clare Gladstone.

What is the school's policy on uniform?
We expect all of the children to be dressed in suitable clothing. Therefore, we would ask you to provide your children with:
Emerald green cardigans, jumpers or sweatshirts ;
Grey or black trousers or skirts;
White blouses, shirts or polo shirts.

We would also request parents to provide suitable and sensible footwear, preferably black. It has been shown over a number of years that school uniform provides the children with a sense of belonging and identity and develops a sense of pride and loyalty to the school.

Order forms for our two suppliers of school uniform are available from the school office.

We do not allow jewellery to be worn except studs, sleepers and wrist watches.

Please could you ensure that names are written on uniform labels and PE kits.

What should my child wear for P.E?
Suitable clothing is required for PE activities. We would ask that parents provide their children with the following items:
Shorts - preferably white or black
T-shirts - preferably white or green
Plimsolls - black

During PE in the hall we encourage the children to take part in bare feet. Should you wish your child to wear plimsolls during PE, please inform your child’s teacher in writing.

The wearing of jewellery during any PE activity is not allowed. All jewellery must be removed. If ears have recently been pierced micropore tape must be provided and applied by the individual child themselves. If your child is unable to take part in a PE lesson for reason of injury or sickness, then you must provide a note of explanation for the class teacher. Please ensure that all your children’s clothing and personal possessions are clearly marked with your child’s name.