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Letters of key note

Category: Letter of Key Note

Diary dates for 2017/18 coming soon.

Category: Letter of Key Note

A few date changes for Year 6, July 2017.

Category: Letter of Key Note
Category: Letter of Key Note
Category: Letter of Key Note
Category: Letter of Key Note
Category: Letter of Key Note

Dates for your Diary (updated 14th July 2015)

Category: Letter of Key Note

Tuesday 14th April 2015

Dear Parents/Carers,

I am delighted and honoured to be writing to introduce myself as the new Headteacher of the newly formed Arthur Bugler Primary School. My name is John Bryant and I have worked in a number of Thurrock schools over the last 9 years. I believe passionately in Primary Education and that this is a key stage in a child’s development as they prepare for the future.

This is an exciting time for the school with the official amalgamation. My aim is that the two communities from the previous Infant and Junior schools will become one. I will of course build upon the number of successes of the school including the fantastic work already carried out by all staff led by the Senior Leadership Team. This will allow for a smooth transition and ensure a commitment to the continuous pursuit of excellence and high standards. There will no doubt be change; but only change for the better. The children will be at the centre of all decisions made and I intend to communicate regularly and keep you fully informed of what we are trying to achieve and the intended impact this will have. I will work with everyone involved within the school in order to create a community where every individual is valued and their needs are met regardless of differences in a happy and secure environment.

I strongly believe in providing all children with a range of opportunities to develop socially, emotionally and academically in order for them to reach their full potential. The children in our care only get one chance in their primary school education and I aim to set solid foundations to ensure that all learners are fully prepared for the next stage of their life and have a life-long love of learning. I also believe that a modern approach to teaching and learning, whilst maintaining important values and teaching life skills, is vital as we prepare the children for the demands of a modern society.

The education of all the children at Arthur Bugler Primary School is a joint venture involving children, staff, governors and the community. Working together ensures that provision for the children is highly effective and the very best. It is vital that, as parents, this is the school you want to send your children to and be a part of Arthur Bugler’s thriving community. I am fully aware of the importance of this and want to ensure that there is a strong relationship between parents and the school, so I am holding two ‘Meet the Headteacher’ sessions at school on Thursday 23rd April 2015 at 9.15am and 6.30pm. As well as outlining my philosophy and key action points, there will be time for informal discussions and any questions you may have about the future of the school.

As Headteacher, I will be at the heart of the school ensuring that I am highly visible at all times to children, staff, governors and parents. Over the next few weeks I aim to meet as many of you as possible. I am always happy to meet with parents to discuss any issue or concern that you have. Please feel free to speak to me when on the playground or at the front gate before and after school. Alternatively, please contact the school office for an appointment, if you wish to speak to me at another time.

I know that there are many challenges ahead but I will work tirelessly with you to ensure a smooth transition and in order for the school to be successful in all areas. I want Arthur Bugler Primary School to be at the cutting edge of best practice and ensure that the school is on the national stage – I will stop at nothing to achieve this. In addition, I am fully aware that the drive to maintain and further improve standards is of paramount importance in order to ensure the school continues on its journey to become an outstanding school.

I look forward to meeting you, getting to know you and working with you, your children and the community over the next few weeks and many years. Together we will establish an outstanding school at the heart of the community that we are all extremely proud of.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. John Bryant






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Holiday Fines.
Category: Letter of Key Note

Dear Parents and Carers,

Happy New Year to you all.   We hope that you had a happy and safe school holiday.  We have been told that the children have definitely come back to school ready to make 2014 a successful year and have settled back into their classes like they have not been away!

As you all know, we are currently underway with the consultation process for us to become a single Primary School.  The first stage of the consultation process finishes next week and replies received by Thurrock have so far been positive about us becoming one school.  The Public Meeting was also positive as was the meeting held for staff members.  We will let you know more about the final outcome once the process has finished.  If you have not replied to the consultation document can we please ask that you do so before the closing date on the 15th January.  The Governing Body hope that there will be a strong response from our school community to show Thurrock and the Department of Education that we are all fully involved with deciding upon the future direction of our schools.  Hard copies of the documents can be requested from either School Office if you do not have one at home or they can be found online on both School Websites and on the Thurrock Council Website if you would prefer to complete the form electronically. 

Meanwhile, whilst we await the ending of the consultation process the Infant and Junior schools have continued to work more consistently and closely together and are now working as one school in many ways. Yesterday the teaching teams from both schools met together to revise and adapt the curriculum to ensure even greater progress and continuity from Early Years to Year 6 and this term staff will ensure that the children are involved in more joint school activities following the success of those carried out during the autumn term.  The two Governing Bodies now regularly meet as one, all staff training is carried out together and the School Inclusion and Assessment teams work together focusing on all children from Early Years to Year 6.  The schools have also been able to share expertise and resources across both the schools.  In addition, there is a joint School Council which includes children from Year 1 to Year 6 and our PTAs, FAB and ABC, now work together to support all the children in both schools.

During the Autumn term we shared leadership across both the schools with Mr Thomas carrying out the role of Acting Headteacher in the Juniors and Ms Phillips being ‘seconded’ for two days per week to the Junior School in her role of Headteacher.  Miss Glandfield carried out her Deputy Headteacher role in both the schools.  In practical terms however Mr Thomas, Ms Phillips and Miss Glandfield worked in both schools focusing on school improvement across the schools.  This term we want to move forward in defining the roles of our interim Leadership team.  Whatever the outcome from the consultation process we feel it is important that we move forward to strengthen the schools in any way we can.  Therefore, for the next two terms Ms Phillips will take on the role of Headteacher for both schools.  Mr Thomas and Miss Glandfield will be taking on new roles which will give them responsibilities across both the schools.  Mr Thomas will be Deputy Headteacher and Head of Inclusion and Pupil Support and Miss Glandfield will be Deputy Headteacher and Head of Teaching and Learning.  Ms Phillips will be based in the Infant School building and Mr Thomas and Miss Glandfield in the Junior School building but as before all three will be working together in both schools.

Whilst the consultation process continues, Thurrock Local Authority are also moving forward with their plans for joining our buildings.  Surveyors are visiting the school during this half term to finalise plans for the new building between the current school buildings.  Once we have met with the planning team we will ask you for your views and thoughts on what you would like to be included as part of the new building.  We know already that many of you would love a shelter to be built outside the school entrance for when you are waiting for children at the end of the day. 

We will let you have any further information as soon as we receive it about our proposed amalgamation and we look forward to hearing your views about the future of our schools.  We are sure that 2014 will be an exciting time for the Arthur Bugler schools and for our whole school community. 

               Mrs A Gaywood                                                          Mr A Walker
             Chair of Governors                                                   Chair of Governors
       Arthur Bugler Infant School                                        Arthur Bugler Junior School


Category: Letter of Key Note
Category: Letter of Key Note

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