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February Newsletter no. 2

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27th February 2015                 

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back everyone - what a busy week it’s been!  We are writing to let you know how the new arrangements with regard to the building are going and to let you know about other events happening this half term.

Building Works

In assembly today we praised all the children for how very sensible they have been with regard to the arrangements we have put in place around the building work and we would like to thank all of you also for your co-operation and for helping us to ensure that everyone stays safe whilst the work is in progress.  Thank you.

We have reviewed our plans this week and just need to make a minor change with regard to the drop off in the mornings.   Please drop off ALL children in at the gate in front of the Infant School entrance so they can enter the school through the Infant School Office area.  We have noticed children wandering around the cars once they have got out of their own cars so need to change these arrangements as of Monday. 

Also, we appreciate that parking is difficult outside of school but PLEASE DO NOT PARK BETWEEN THE CROSSROADS AND SCHOOL GATE AT THE END OF THE DAY.  We need to leave room for emergency vehicles to access the school if needed and parking and reversing in a small area where families and children are crossing the road is extremely dangerous.  We have been observing the situation this week and it is the same families each afternoon who park in this area – please do not do it!  If you are a little late in collecting the children because you have parked further away we will understand.

If you are bringing children to before school clubs or collecting from after school clubs by car, please remember that you must park outside.  During this time the contractors’ deliveries will be taking place and it would be dangerous for pedestrians to be in the car park area. 

World Book Day

Don’t forget it’s World Book Day on Thursday 5th March.  Children can wear their pyjamas to school on that day or dress as a book character.  We have planned lots of book activities throughout the day so we know it’s going to be fun.




Parents and Carers’ Meetings with Teachers

Parent/Teacher Consultation Meetings which will be taking place on Wednesday 18th March.   

On that Wednesday both Arthur Bugler Infants and Juniors will be closed and children will not be in either school for their usual school day.   However, as we have done in previous years, you are invited to come into school with your child during that day to meet with your child’s teacher and to have the opportunity to look at your child’s work in their classroom. 

This is a very important mid-year meeting so we hope very much that you will be able to attend.  In addition to the children sharing all their work with  you, the teachers will also be talking with you about how the children are doing, what their targets are for future progress and ideas for how you can support your child’s learning at home.

From Monday, 2nd March, timetables will be displayed for each Early Years and Infant class so that you can sign up for your appointment time for the 18th March in the Infant School.  For those of you with children in the Junior School, this will mean you will know what time your appointment is in the Infant School before ‘signing up’ for a time in the Junior School.  Miss Jones and Mrs McAllister will put their timetables on their classroom doors where you collect your child from at the end of the school day.  Mrs Green’s timetable will be displayed at the double doors leading into the school from the playground and Mrs Hilder and Miss Pugh will have their timetables displayed at the Early Years entrance.  A letter will go out midweek next week so you will be able to state your preferred time to meet with the Junior School teachers.

As mentioned above, we hope that all the children will also be able to attend the meetings, so please sign up for a time when you are able to bring your child to school with you.  The meetings will commence at 9 am and the final appointment will be at 7 pm.

We look forward very much to meeting with you all.

New Assessment arrangements

Lots of you have already signed up for Miss Glandfield’s meetings on the 11th March to come along to find out all about the new assessment arrangements.  If you would like to attend, it’s not too late to let us know.  It will be a very useful meeting and you will be able to find out more about how to support your children at home.  We hope to see you there.

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day’ is on Friday, 13th March and, as usual, we will be taking part this year.  We will let you know our theme for the day very soon.

So once again, welcome back everyone and thank you again for your patience and cooperation whilst the building works is underway.

Ms K Phillips                     Miss L Glandfield                     Mr G Thomas